10 Fun Facts about Jordon
1. I will defend pineapple on pizza till the day I die. 
2. I can make my hair move forwards and backwards with just my mind.
3. I am an award winning baker.  Yes it was 2nd place but hey that still counts .... 1st place also cheated. 
4. I have captained a duck boat in Branson, MO. 
5. I designed my first ad on the back of a desk calendar for my father's business when I was 6 years old. (Still not sure why I didn't win an Addy.)
6. I am a hobbyist woodworker/furniture builder. 
7. I originally wanted to study theater before switching to a more stable income degree like marketing. Still wanting a career in something creative lead me to go back to school for graphic design in 2012.   
8. While at Ole Miss I helped rebuild the Beta Beta Chapter of  Beta Theta Pi after it had been removed from campus.
9. I am my wife's long-term case study in Child Psychology.
10. Being a father is the greatest/most fun job I'll ever have.
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