Craftie - Craftie™ Beer App was a premium craft beer app designed for the craft beer aficionado and enthusiast. Founded by Kevin Brindley (Creative Director, Project Manager, & Designer) and Brian Hamlett (Technology Director, Project Manager & Developer), Craftie™ Beer app was in development/fundraising stage when they brought on 3 design interns. The intern team (Jordon Orr, Cheng Lee, and Jason Craig) focused on social media awareness, web graphics, and support for the Craftie™ Kickstarter campaign.  Below are examples of my contributions using branding elements designed by Kevin Brindley.

Craftie™ - Football Web Graphic  - Process

Craftie™ - Football Web Graphic

Craftie™ - Social Media Twitter Copywriting

Craftie™ - Web Banner Ads 

Craftie™ - Political Poster : Collaboration between Jordon Orr, Cheng Lee, and Jason Craig.

Craftie™ - Political Poster

Craftie™ - Social Media Fundraising Web Graphic

Craftie™ - Poster 

Craftie™ - Olympics Web Graphic

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